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A blog built for the everyday woman . A little bit about me, I am Alex, passionate about life, fashion, and my work. I decided to start my own blog sharing my thoughts and ideas on a variety of style, beauty and healthy living topics. I love listening and learning new things and expanding my knowledge of the things I love the most even further and I would love you to share your thoughts and ideas on my posts.

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We are looking for individuals who wish to share their real life story with us. We welcome a story that can be both inspiring and beneficial to our audience. Either you have been successful in a certain time of your life  or not we seek to learn through your experiences and use these experiences as examples or guidance to success. So either it is a story regarding a successful interview, how you found the job of your dreams, quitting your job and starting your own business, following your passion that has leaded you to success or working while looking after your children, feel free to share something that has made you feel extremely proud of, and let us know how you did it. This site is all about successful inspirational women who have managed to prove themselves a success through amazing things and love to write about it.

Sharing your amazing Story..

Don’t be afraid to share your experience. A story you might not consider important may work as a guide to someone who is feeling lost. Share your story with us as a contributor. We will add all stories in our collection of inspiring success! We want to gather as many stories as we can from women just like you and why not become a constant contributor. If you feel the need to write and help other women in need we will honour you with an authors role and this will give you the opportunity to publish your own stories whenever you want. . We want to hear from women who have experienced what it’s like to work hard and achieve your goals! Whether you just want to tell us your personal story or have a piece of advice.

and the Guidelines..

  • Send your article  in a Word document. Find our contact details on the about page.
  • Include a brief bio, a photo of a head shot and your social media links.
  • Articles should be approximately 600-800 words, shorter articles may also be accepted if the story is good.
  • If you will include photos in your articles make sure you are the owner. Please do not send images that you do not have rights to use or ownership of.
  • Share your personal stories using your personal tone, offer inspiration and tips or are thought provoking.
  • We will notify you by email when your story is published or if we need more information.