The Most Anticipated Spring Hair Trends And How To Master them

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Fashion world isn’t just about clothing, it also is a leader in hairstyle trends. For anyone who enjoys following these new styles, Spring hair styles are highly anticipated. These styles are quickly making their way from the runway to everyday style.

The braid was a popular style, although a far cry from the simple ones seen in young girls. This trend ranges from the more intricate, crisscross braids which can take hours to put together, to a simpler messy braid perfect for the beach or a day out with friends. This endlessly appealing style can be done easily in any number of ways.


For the casual woman who just wants to get going, the low ponytail is a great trend. This is a ponytail that’s just at or below the nape of the neck, with the hair ironed straight. For a variation on this theme, pull strands of hair forward to make a round, face-framing silhouette, or tie the ponytail with a ribbon for a more whimsical look.

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The wet hair trend has been seen before, but this spring’s take on it is actually refreshing and less completely drenched. Designers tended towards a dewy trend featuring shiny French twists and glossy curls that looked too perfect to be believed. It’s not an easy look to put together, but with the right products, this style can look amazing.


But, everyone loves the Rock n’ Roll waves hair trend this season. Taking a cue from 90s grunge, giving hair a tousled effortless look is a great idea. However, it’s not always that easy to put together. Start with wet hair and apply a volumizing foam, giving hair some texture. After it’s dried, use a hair powder to get even more texture and get the loose, flowing hair with just a little natural bend.


For the woman who loves accessories, fun hair accessories are in this season. From neon bands, plastic flowers in ponytails, and pretty pearls woven into hairstyles, it’s a great time to be bold with additions to an easy hairstyle. Add a simple printed scarf for an easy and elegant addition that can be taken off as needed throughout the day.

Casual does seem to be the style of choice this spring. Undone updos is a popular hair trend that’s great news for the woman who has trouble with perfect buns and twists. When pinning hair into a twist, let a few strands hang loose and anyone who can put together a messy bun has it made this season.


One intriguing trend is the hair knot. This is a chic style that may be challenging for any everyday style, but is well worth the effort on special occasions. This low chignon can be styled as a loop, a round ballet bun, or a classic double knot for an elegant look that’s perfect for an evening out.

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These trends are the top ones for Spring. They encompass the major looks that will be seen in fashionistas around the world and are a fun way to stay in style.

All the styles above look amazing so why not experiment a little and try what suits you the best. Below there is a small collection of step by step guidesĀ put together from around the web helping you choose the appropriate style that suits your personality.




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