How social media can really boost your career prospects

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A lot of women out there would want to advance their career to a higher level. However, this calls for hard work and determination. In order to make this possible, women are advised to expand their business connections as well as keeping their eyes open for any new job opportunities. One of the most powerful tools to achieve this is through the use of social media.

Social media is on a rise and over the past years we have adapted with it and use it on various occasion on daily basis. For a wide range of people social media is essential to their lifestyle. Most people know a thing or two about it  and this is the reason it has spread into a variety of fields. One of these fields is the employment and career field and a lot of firms, recruiters and decision makers have realized that social media is one of the avenues where they can be able to find raw talent. Come to think of it, social media took off only six years ago and today, their memberships are in the range of millions if not billions. Some of the most common social media platforms that are most commonly used in modern employment fields are is Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

These are just but a few. With the use of these social media platforms, it is possible to expose your skills, represent your projects, attach your CV online for easy access to everyone. You can also get involved with experts of the industry and start sharing ideas and gaining more experience. LinkedIn has a huge range of private and public groups  where you can join depending on the industry you are part of and start socializing building your network.

It sounds very easy and exciting  but these are just the introductory steps to these social platforms and anyone interested in using them as a career benefit will eventually reach this point within a few days having or not the experience of social platforms. So, when it comes to using Social media as a powerful career tool what you need is a strategy plan. A Strategy that will help to increase your visibility, presence and attract the right people and therefore have a chance of propelling your career to greater heights. Below are a few tips that will help to get started.

To begin with, it is important for to understand how far you have come and where are you headed to. In light of this, you must bring various things into perspective such as; understanding your personality, where you would want to be after a certain period of time, and what your goals are. It is these things that will go a long way in ensuring that you create an effective social networking strategy. Feedback is key, start requesting some feedback from current and previous employers and employees. You can list your feedback on your social profiles and People who have experienced your skills in action can endorse you for what you are good at.

This helps as a confidence boost. Throughout your feedback have a clear understanding of your weaknesses and what you need to improve and that may be holding you back from success, for example maybe your public speaking skills are weak and a future role you might be interested in involves a lot of pitching, presentations and speaking to a group of people. This does not mean you will never land the job.

Throughout social media you can start creating professional relationships with people who have mastered such a skill and could perhaps give some key points that would help you improve.  Through social media you can also find courses being advertised that can also help you improve your skills.

In order for you to brighten up your career using the various social media platforms that are available and can help you stand out, you should start sharing your professional experiences and connect with other people. Just think of the amount of people you could also help that might be just starting in your field. In this case, you should consider starting a blog or creating your own tele-seminar, video-blog, or webinar. These things will go a long way in increasing your online presence as well as making you to appear more credible.

Positivity and confidence are keys to success, you should maintain your online reputation at this level. This is often considered as the most important thing when it comes to social media networks. You should maintain a positive image that will always make people believe in you feel secure and not only take your opinions in knowledge but also start sharing them by referring to you . If you become successful at this, it will help to enhance your social image. As a result, you should make use Google alerts. This way, you will be able to know when your names crops up on the social media networks as well as tracking the conversation.

Keep it basic and don’t over do it though. By creating tons of social media profiles that you hardly invest time in will not only get you anywhere but you will create an kind of lazy image of yourself. There is no need for this. Always try to be strategic by going for that social media network that will work out for you and invest your all in it. If you’re searching for a job, you should choose that platform that will increase your chances of getting that job that you desire.

Having gone through all these tips, it is important to remember that social media is only used as a supplement of building your career. There are times when you will be required to meet with your clients or employers face-to-face. This way, you will get to learn whether your social media strategies have been of help or not.

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