Contouring can be described as a game of illusions. You get to play with dark and light colors so as to enhance parts of the face which will naturally show up. The main objective of contouring is creating great texture. This is accomplished by applying two easy tricks; gloomy colors bring back and intensify, while light colors improve and make larger. Technically you can create a countered appearance with diverse color foundations. However, it will bring the same results when compared to bronzers and blushes.

What you require

  • Thick powder brush
  • To highlight get a foundation a shade lighter than your skin complexion
  • Foundation to contour should be a shade or two darker than your skin complexion
  • Angled brush

Where to apply
The concept is to contour parts that may have shadows on them and highlight those that would usually protrude. Such areas include; cheekbones, temple, brown bone, the bridge of the nose and around your jaw line. Ensure that you have the right tools. It is essential to use the right brush to apply makeup. Select the best face make up for your skin to create great difference to your look.

light shade2

Ensure that your face is cleansed and moisturized well before you start applying best face makeup. Select a moisturizer designed for your skin type and preferably one that contains SPF. Rub the moisturizer gently and give it around 5 minutes to allow absorption.


Start applying the light foundation using a flat brush.
Apply beneath your eyes, cheekbones as well as the hairline. Ensure that you also apply in the center of your forehead, down the middle of your nose, under your eyebrows on the brown bone, all along your jaw line as well as your collar bone.

light shade skin2

Next take your darker foundation and apply using a flat brush.
Apply beneath your cheekbones, both sides of your nose as well as the tip. This makes your nose tip appear smaller. Apply beneath your jaw line at the top of your neck to create a more define jaw line. Apply the darker foundation around your hairline, forehead top and in the crease of your eyelids to define your eyes more. Remember to apply over and underneath your collar bone. At this level you may appear like a clown, however that’s okay. In fact that implies you did it perfectly.

light and dark4b

The next step is blending.
Use your foundation brush in a circular motion to blend everything well. Apply powder to set all the work you have done. Ensure you use a good quality powder brush. Apply a good quantity below eyes and cheekbones to provide your cheekbones with that extra pop. Note that the powder applied below the eyes should be lighter, this brightens up your face and give your eyes that pop appearance.


Finish the contour process by applying a slight shimmer or bronzer around the cheekbones as well as a touch of blush over the apples of the cheek. This makeup trick appears really wonderful in pictures and ideal for day as well as night. You can attempt it for you next special event. Just ensure you blend well!

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