Max Factor CC Colour Correcting Cream Review

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Why has the Max Factor CC (color correcting) cream been receiving so much attention in recent times? What is all the fuss really about?

This is an interesting question more so because this is not really a new product. Actually the Max Factor CC cream was previously packaged as Xperience. Some folks will remember that this was quite a revolutionary new product that was clearly ahead of its’ time when it first hit the market in 2010. It was the very first CC cream.

Now that the CC category has been established and the requirements made clear it seems that a decision was made to re-brand. The product is available in three shades namely fair natural and tanned.

Reaction from the market has always been pretty much positive. One of the aspects of it that most users are so delighted about is the fact that it feels so light on the skin unlike other traditional make up products and yet corrects color and masks flaws that would usually required a fairly heavy foundation. And it still gives excellent coverage and makes any skin look extremely flawless.


Other users who usually experience too much redness of the skin say that it always does a very good job of neutralizing this even as it covers blemishes effectively while still giving a very natural look, almost as if somebody was not wearing any make up at all. The effect is great as the appearance of fine wrinkles, open pores and fine lines is softened rather dramatically.

Another reason why there seems to be so much excitement about the Max Factor CC cream is the fact that one does not need to add any other make up and it pretty well does the complete job on its’ own. It also hydrates the skin and this probably contributes even further to the super comfortable feel many users just love about this product.


The product contains natural extracts like rose hip extract, cucumber water and sea buckthorn. SPF 10 and glycerin (which provides the hydration).

Another factor that may make this product really sound too good to be true to those who are yet to use it is the fact that it lasts fairly well throughout the day.

The Downside?
Some initial reactions were that since this cream was only available in three tans, namely fair, natural and tanned this was a limiting factor and that some skin types would ultimately not be catered for.
However the reaction from the market is that no such complaints have come up and it seems that the available tans pretty much cover most skin types.


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  • Reply September 28, 2013

    Christine Fredrikstad

    Have they released more shades of this? Or are the names just different in different countries? Because I have this in the shade 60 Medium :)

    • Reply October 1, 2013


      Mine is is a shade 50 which looks very natural on the skin, I was unaware of the shade 60, so I guess there is a small choice of shades out there available. I will look into this and update you :)

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