Pink Princess limited edition by Vera Wang

pink princess

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Pink Princess by Vera Wang is a limited edition releases that has a scent which reflects the girly style and vivacious energy of the ideal Vera Wang princess girl. This means that the brand has a scent that not only makes the user smell nicely, but is also produces the characteristic of a girl with vivacious energy. It is endowed with raspberry sorbet, pink grape fruit and dew berry which makes it produce a refreshing and attractive fruity scent. As a result, anyone who uses it smells of an attractive combination of fruits which is not only attractive, but also very refreshing.

Vera Wang Pink Princess is described as irresistible, fun and spontaneous mainly because of its characteristic of producing a refreshing scent. The primary attribute of the fragrance is floral endowed with pink lotus, pink hibiscus and honeysuckle which combine to make it unique. Furthermore, at the base there are sensational notes of white amber, sandal wood and musk which also play a significant role of ensuring that the fragrance is as refreshing as it can be. In additional there are also traces of marsh mallow which is also another integral component which ensure that the scent produced is of the highest quality.

The primary reason why many people prefer this fragrance over the previous brands is that its fruity and sweet scents are evenly balanced and also combined with various deeper and sensual scents. This combination not only ensures that the scent is totally attractive, but it also produces a unique scent which is not readily available from any other brand. On its use, the scent usually fades smoothly on the user’s skin consequently eliminating any other undesirable smell such as sweat and other sugary and sweet scents and in turn leaving a fruity, deep and light scent. As a result, the user does not have to worry about having other unpleasant smells which can be unattractive since this brand covers them all leaving just the light and fruity scent.

Another of the main characteristics that makes this particular brand popular amongst many people is its packaging. It is contained in a in a giant glass heart which besides being eye catching, it is also endowed with pinky glitter. The bottle also has a crown topper which makes the brand convenient and easy to use.

The packaging ensures that any one can readily notice it regardless of where it is placed. The size of this bottle also attracts many users who enjoy having brands in relatively big bottles. Furthermore, the glittering characteristic is even better seen when the bottle is placed in a place that is adequately lighted. Hence, Vera Wang Pink Princess is specially designed to produce a refreshing fruity scent and it is packed in an eye catching and attractive bottle.


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