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Do you have a pale skin and feel that it is time you added a little value to your beauty by tanning it? Few have discovered the magic in St. Tropez Mousse tan but that does not necessarily mean that you will be left out in the darkness forever. Let’s face it; few people ever find time to sunbathe and unfortunately, summer never lasts for too long. To maintain a tanned, healthy looking skin you would have to look for an all time round alternative which is safe, effective and affordable. Below is what you gain from St. Tropez.

First thing you will like about the product is the time it takes to have a nice tan. If applied correctly, the procedure takes only fifteen minutes. All you need to do is walk your way to a salon and have the tan applied on you. Depending on how pale you skin is, you can opt for a single layer or multiple of them although you should be careful not use all the mousse as the results get more impressive with each single layer you get. If you are going to apply it on yourself, read the instructions so as to achieve the best results.

Skins are of different types and while some tan very fast, some will remain pale even after several attempts. If you have tried several lotions or even sprays which did not work, its time you experienced the magic in St. Tropez. Some will get a tan after applying one layer only but for those with extremely pale skins, consider two or more layers. You should never have worries about streaks or any other deformities associated with tan products. St. Tropez mousse guarantees you the quality you have been yearning for at a very affordable price.


Did we talk about how long it takes for the tan to fade away? Again this will depend on the type of your skin. However, the tan is designed to last for ten days and fades evenly which again frees you from the worries of getting streaks on your skin. For a fresh and always beautiful look, consider applying it twice a week.

On average, the tan takes 3 to 4 hours to develop which calls for patience. Unless you have a very pale skin, avoid applying more than two layers. Bottom line, St. Tropez mousse tan is a great product which always makes you confident, feel beautiful and look healthy.


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