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Savings may seem though to achieve for most of us, especially since we have to face so many attractive things day after day. However, having some spare money into your account can represent your salvation in time of crisis and not only. Savings are the key to a happy and fulfilled life, and with little determination you can do them to. Here we’ll present some essential tips to help you in this regard. After reading them, you’ll certainly know more about a smart lifestyle than anyone else.

Take advantage of discounts
In every month you can find items on discounts. For instance, in January almost all stores offer attractive prices at clothes. Therefore, that is the best time to invest in more expensive clothing items that you can buy even at half the price. However, do not buy from the first shop you enter, prospect over the market and make the best choice!

Make shopping lists and Follow offers
In supermarkets, you will find at least 3-4 categories of products that are in demand. If you need them, choose the ones with special prices. But do not fall in trap of buying discounted items just because they were on offer! Perhaps, when you have really needed them, you’ll even find a much better price.

How many times have you bought more stuff than you need? Truth is that we all fall in this trap quite often, and it can severely affect our money balance on the long run. So before you go shopping to the supermarket, it’s good to make a list. In this way you’ll spend the money correctly and follow the main priorities first!

Maintain a spending journal
A very way to actually save money is to track everything that you spend. Therefore, every time when you come back after shopping sessions, put down on paper all that you spent. Also note the money that goes on bills, food, etc. This way you’ll know exactly where the money go and how can you spend less in the future.

Reduce consumption of expensive foods
If you have gained weight or simply want to adopt a healthy lifestyle, than it’s time to make some changes in your diet. Eat less meat, fats and sweets, food which can be quite expensive and which you can live without just as well.

Cut Your Mobile Phone Bill by cancelling the extras
If until now you had extra minutes included or more SMS’s than required, it’s time to re-personalize it. You can give to those that are not absolutely necessary. This is an area where you can save a considerable amount of money in the long-run. In the meantime, you can leave long discussions with friends for moments of relaxation, such as a coffee in town.

Reduce in-house water consumption
Did you know that a regular bath will cost you double as much as a 10-minute shower? With 20 litters of water per shower, you can wash just as well as you’re doing with a full bath. By resorting to a shower you can save up to 70% water – and just as much money! In addition, make sure to immediately repair the flowing sanitary. This way you’ll prevent the unnecessary waste of water.

Save money on your energy bills
Keep large bills in your wallet. Studies have shown that when you have a valuable paper, even a £50 one, you’ll be less willing to change it to buy trinkets. By comparison, when keeping petty cash in your wallet the temptation to buy useless things will be considerably higher.

Energy has always been an expensive factor in order to reduce your bill try using energy saving light bulbs. Yes! They Cost more, but in depth of time they help to reduce power consumption up to five times. Try adding Light sensors mounted in the hallway or in the bathroom. This is a massive trend lately and you will never worry about forgetting the lights on, the light will turn on only when you’re in the area. Not to mention that all new houses are already installed with light sensors

Did you know that the TV consumes power even when turned off but not unplugged? LED lit means that it continues to consume – it’s really low, but it does consume! When you leave for work in the morning or evening, take the TV from the mains! The same goes for your computer.

Your mobile phone continues to consume energy when plugged in the outlet, even if it fully charged itself. You need to stay tuned and as soon as the mobile is charged, remove it from the socket. There are also smart energy saving plugs or adapters that can be installed and intelligently detect when a device is fully charged.

If you spend lots of time in a specific room know that traditional heaters consume less energy than instantaneous heaters.

Buy appliances from class A or A+! They are more economical in terms of energy. Make sure you always set your refrigerator’s thermostat according to how many foods you have in it!

Limit car expenditures
If you usually travel by car, here are some money-saving tips to take into account:
Check tire pressures once a month! When they are deflated, the consumption of petrol increases by 8%. Empty the trunk! Many hold a lot of stuff often unnecessary one, in the trunk, thus transforming it into a mini storage area. You should know that every 50 extra pounds increase fuel consumption by 20%! Use air conditioning sparingly and only when necessary, since, when turned on, you waste about £3 per 65miles (due to the higher fuel consumption). Filters can also save. Their change in time improves fuel consumption and protects the engine (an expensive part of the car, meaning that its repair will leave you with a big hole in the budget).

Grab yourself vital insurances
It’s important to have a personal insurance (which covers life, health and any possible disabilities) as well as a property insurance (which typically cover your house and auto). These will help you get a considerable amount of money in case of an unfortunate event.

Maximize Your Retirement Savings
We recently mentioned some pension concerns that Middle-class savers are likely to be hit with starting from 2014. Either this will affect you or not it is well worth the opportunity of investing and benefiting from retirement contributions. Also consider a savings fund. Shop around for the latest tax-free ISA saving accounts currently offering a £5670 tax-free that are becoming very popular attracting a wide range of people who are considering saving, especially if you have children who may need to attend college sometime soon.

Quit vice tax
By reducing the consumption of cigarettes and alcohol you’ll reduce the amount of money spent on these categories of products considered and charged as some luxury. Reduce the amount at first and then slowly get rid of these vices! This way you will save more money.

Re-invent piggy bank
When you come from the market, put all petty pocketing a wallet. Proceed in the same way tight dimes day. Count the money at the end! You will find that agonistic something every month. Go and change crumbling in big money and then deposit them in a bank account!

Make your holiday at low prices
The tent is a good cheap solution if you choose to spend your holidays abroad. Buy camping checks online and pay only £6-10 per night for two people. Conditions in the camps abroad are excellent – toilets, showers, electricity and access to the pool, tennis courts, etc. Also, hostels are a better option than hotels.

These are the most important tips that you need to take into account when planning on saving money. Keep in mind that the secret is to plan everything in advance and start acting as soon as possible.

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